Angela May

Angela May is a chef, tv personality, emcee and author. As a tv host she’s filmed numerous genres of television from lifestyle, travel, hollywood entertainment, beauty and culinary shows.  She has traveled the world discussing foreign food cultures, techniques and cuisines, interviewing hollywood A listers and rockstars of the culinary world. Angela is a highly sought after emcee; her work includes the  incredibly prestigious culinary events the Bocuse d’Or and Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie which take place in Lyon, France. As a chef she has married her background and love of Asian cuisine with her formal training of French cuisine from Le Cordon Bleu to write her very first cookbook of easily prepared meals with Asian touches which is currently still under works. The first book she wrote is a quick guide to Bangkok titled “Bangkok: Sounds and the City” which she released as an audio book for the savvy traveler with a 24 hour stop over in the land of smiles.

Angela loves the social aspect of food and eating; in Asian cultures a common greeting is “have you eaten yet” not “how are you” or “how’s it going”, to her, food is more than something that nourishes our bodies; it’s the center of our lives, shared experiences among friends, the kitchen is a place to gather and chat, feel the heartbeat of a family. She loves not only showing others how to cook but learning from everyone she has the honor of cooking with.

Angela has appeared on numerous magazines covers, has been a guest judge for fashion shows, has been a on the culinary panel to judge the best restaurants in Singapore,  has been a celebrity guest on a chinese language show where show learn to say “shen jing bing” and has contributed recipes to magazines in her free time. The most interesting show she’s ever filmed involved drinking cobra’s blood, riding a mechanical bull, climbing a rock wall and interviewing a ladyboy who has a professional career in Thai kickboxing, all in one night.


angela may filming culinary